Suppose you need to write a java program which needs to extract some information out of a XML file. One way would be to use a sax parser, with the disadvantage that you need pretty mutch code for extracting the needed informations. Another way would be to use an xpath expression witch is evaluated by a xsl processor like xalan. Problem is, that all xsl processors I know are using DOM, which means extensive memory usage.

Thatís what Xenon is all about, an implementation of Xpath and XMLQuery which uses a sax parser and which is especially optimized towards a small memory footprint.

The current release is a pre alpha release so you will not be able to use this for any good. But please feel free to take a look at the source code and tell me what you think.

To use it, put xerxes.jar ( get Xerxes from Apache ) and xenon.jar into the classpath. Then you can run it through:
java org.xenon.main.RunQuery QueryFileName OutputFileName
See the example directory for example Query Files.


This project falls under a bsd licence, see the licence file for details.


The new Version of Xenon (the first alpha Version) will consist of the following packages:

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